I'm the messiest organized person ever

I'll be the first to admit that I am most inconsistent when it comes to consistently keeping myself and my life organized.

The strange thing is, I consider myself an extremely organized person. I have long been the appointed organizer of events among my friends. My name is always on the reservation. I'm the one yelling at the squad when the Uber arrives. I have roughly 500,000 digital photos dating back from junior high school in folders on a back up hard drive. I budgeted, planned, and attended our high school's senior prom for 2,000 people when I was 17... at a night club... 30 miles away. When I was 14 I cooked an entire three course Thanksgiving meal by myself (shopping included) - for fun.
I get things done. I usually enjoy and even prefer to get things done.

But for the some reason, there are things in my personal life that have just ... fallen off. There are many reasons for this, but it all comes down to a lack of focus, routine, and structure on my part. In many ways, I set myself up for a loss because I didn't set up easy ways to win. 

Emily Gilmore Mota Meltdown

Did you watch the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix? 

Remember the part where materialistic Emily starts giving away all of her precious belongings after reading some new book about something life changing about tidying up? 

Lorelai: They're taking the dining room chairs!
Emily: They don't bring me joy.

I've heard great, practical reviews about the book.
I'm sure she interpreted it slightly incorrectly in the midst of her mourning. 

But I'm sort of feeling like Emily Gilmore right now.

In keeping with my 2017 theme of focus I'm going to start breaking off chunks of junk in my life. If you're looking around and realizing that you're sitting in a pile of messes that you've left just sitting around for months, there is certainly no time like the present to pick it up and get it moving (somewhere far away ... like out of your life). Take this as you need to 

I started off my new year by organizing my room and watching The Minimalists documentary on Netflix (If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it). To be honest, I kept it on as background noise as I folded laundry. Quickly, I realized I was becoming the "past" version of the two authors. It is a radical idea that is almost too simple to be true: use objects, love people - not the other way around.

There are so many things that I want to pursue. There are relationships that I want to invest in, hobbies that I want to devote time to, goals at work that I want to achieve, and financial milestones that I want to reach. The list can go on and on, but a some point we need to take a step back from the list making and get going. Go do.
There is always something you can do in your current circumstance to make an impact. Even if the first step is to ask for help. The hardest thing is to get going on what you need to be doing. 

My imaginary real living room

If you can wake up in the morning and drive to the gym
If you can set up an automatic savings deposit on your bank account
If you can make a lunch date with that one friend
If you can open up that book instead of reaching for your phone

then you've made your first step out of your normal routine to step into a new routine that moves your life in a direction of your choosing and not of reacting. 

Your life can be a sum of your small decisions


If you even start with one small change to better your life, the momentum will roll into another decision, and another, until someday you reach the place you felt was so far away.
Take small steps but always do your best to take them forward. 

And if you feel like you're doing things for the sake of public validation or social expectations - stop right there. 

Maybe put down the tidying up book and pick up something like this one.

Only kidding.


But really. We have one life, don't waste your time on things that don't bring you joy.

Oh yeah, I'm learning that happiness and joy are distant cousins, not twins - but that one for another time.